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Research Themes

Research in iChEM will focus on (i) optimal utilization of carbon resources, (ii) chemical energy storage and conversion, and (iii) solar energy conversion chemistry. To support these energy-oriented subjects, basic research on (i) synthesis and fabrication, (ii) theory and simulation, and (iii) instrumentation and methodology will be carried out for the excellence of themselves and their support to the aforementioned three subjects. To realize the new energy strategic objectives, "chemistry-based, materials as the carrier, energy as the objective" will be followed by the Center; the core scientific issues in the field of science and technology of alternatives to petroleum shall be addressed, to achieve a number of "urgent need of the country, world first class" original results.

        It is thus expected that with the collaborative efforts throughout the world, those problems that could not be solved by individual research groups or even individual universities, can now become well targeted with outputs that leads chemistry research in China towards the better international visualization.

        Our Purpose: Greener energy through integration of Chemistry and Materials.

        Our Strategy: Innovation through multi-interdisciplinary integration.