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Programs for Students

Undergraduate Program:

The four core members have established a platform for sharing information, equipment, and other tangible or intangible research resources among the member institutions.

  1. Teaching excellence is maintained and ensured among the four core members by sharing lectures and seminars and by initiating exchange student programs, course credit transfer, student training, student summer camp and summer school.

  2. The students may decide to join in any institution among the four core members for laboratory training, internship and thesis completion, etc.

  3. The students will major in Energy Chemistry or related area.

  4. The students in “Top-notch Program” must not only have at least half-year study/research experiences in any other three core members in addition to their own institution, but also have half-year overseas study/research experiences.

  5. School transfer is allowed among the four core members for the students majoring in Chemistry or related area.

  6. The numbers of Postgraduate recommendation are shared by the four members and more than 1/4 of # of Postgraduate recommendation in each member institution will be recommended to the other three member institutions.

  7. Periodical organization of workshops for discussion of education and student recruitment policy among the four core members is necessary.

Postgraduate Student Program:

A jointly supervised Ph.D program has been setup and conducted in the way that allows Ph.D students to carry out their research under the framework of the Center at the four core member institutions.

  1. Postgraduate student recruitment will be conducted among the four members via multi-video conference system and student assessment will be focused on research interest and potential of the students.

  2. The Ph.D advisors will have power to dismiss unqualified students.

  3. The students may be supervised by multiple advisors from different institutions, research divisions, or collaborated international institutions.

  4. Final defense and thesis review will be conducted with participation of the international committee members.

  5. A very competitive scholarship package will be offered to the students in order to have the excellent undergraduate/graduate students home or abroad join the center.

  6. Student apartments are provided by the four core members.