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Notice on Organizing Identification and Declaration of the Second Round of "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center"

To the Education Department (Education Commission), the Finance Department (Finance Bureau) of each province, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government, the Education Bureau and the Finance Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the related responsible division (bureau) of the related departments (units), the General Staff Department of Military Training, each college and university operated directly under the Ministry of Education (MOE):

In order to further carry out and implement the Opinion of the MOE and Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Implementing the Collaborative Innovation Promotion Program of Universities and Colleges (Education & Technology [2012] No. 6), and promote the organization and implementation of the Collaborative Innovation Promotion Program of Universities and Colleges (briefly referred to as “2011-Program"), the related notices by the 2011-Program leading group on the identification and declaration of the second round of the 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center (2011-CIC) are informed as follows:

I. Time Arrangement for Identification

It is arranged in the time interval of "Declaration in April and Evaluation in May and June", so as to facilitate long-term preparation and scientific planning by each department, region as well as college and university.

II. Requirement of Identification and Declaration

  1. The proposed Centers to be recommended or declared shall conform to the basic conditions as the follows: 1) Substantial establishment and operation of the Center should have been carried out; 2) Integration of various innovative elements, aggregation of possible resources, and collaborative implementation of National key research projects with all kinds of support elements are required. 3) Effective mechanism reform should have been carried out in organization management, personnel recruitment and training, scientific research evaluation and resource allocation. The innovation scheme should be specific, proper and progress smoothly, further enabling remarkable success.
  2. This declaration shall adopt the mode of quota recommendation. In principle, the declared number of the colleges and universities directly under the central government shall be controlled within 1 item per college or university, the declared number of each local Education Department shall be controlled within 2 items (including the four types of 2011-CIC). Among them, the 2011-CIC of regional development declared by the colleges and universities directly under the central government taking the lead shall not use the regional recommendation index, but it can use the index of the college or university of its own. The colleges and universities shall be encouraged to actively participate in the construction of the 2011-CIC and shall not be prohibited by quota as participants.

III. Declaration Procedure for Identification Materials

  1. The declaration time for identification materials starts from March 17th and ends on April 10th, 2014. The identification materials should be filled out and submitted online via network electronic system of 2011-Program on the website of http://2011plan.moe.edu.cn. The colleges and universities directly under the MOE may directly apply online; while other colleges and universities directly under the Central Ministries and local colleges and universities will be distributed with recommendation code and identifying code on the system by the authorized department.
  2. For those identification materials containing non-confidential content submitted by the 2011-CIC, the online system will automatically generate the final edition of it. Please deliver the paper copy in triplicate together with one copy of the official recommendation letter (it is required to sequence the recommended centers) examined and signed by the leading universities (the university directly under the MOE may submit directly) to the leading group office of the 2011-Program before April 10th. The application materials overdue which fail to conform to requirements shall not be accepted.

    For those identification materials containing confidential content submitted by the 2011-CIC, the logged-in website will provide off-line downloaded application template. After completing the application forms, please deliver the electronic version (recorded on disk) and 30 copies of paper application to the Military Industry Division of Science and Technology Department (MOE) before April 10th.

  3. All the centers engaged in the first round of assessment and identification for the 2011-CIC, and entered the stage of conference defense, only need to fill in the electronic application for this declaration, and tentatively do not need to submit paper materials. Please take the paper materials to the assessment site during the stage of conference defense (the specific requirements will be informed additionally).

Each region, department, college and university shall duly prepare for identification and declaration for the second round of 2011-CIC according to the requirement of the notice, properly promote the implementation of cultivation, establishment and operation of the Centers, accelerate the implementation of significant coordination and innovation tasks, speed up the reformation of mechanism and system in such aspects as team buildings, talents cultivation, resource convergence and international cooperation, and strive for achieving a better cultivation effect.

For more information and requirement, please go to the website of http://www.dost.moe.edu.cn/dostplan/ . If you have any questions, please contact the office of 2011 Program as the follows:

Contacts: Mr/Ms Anping Zhang, Lan Rong, Huichao Liu, Ju Ming

Phone#: 010-66096821, 66096823

Email Address: 2011jh@moe.edu.cn

Post Address: 2011-Program Organizing Leading Office

Room 421, #37 South Building,

Damucang Hutong, Xicheng Qu, Beijing

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