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Rules and Regulations of the Academic Committee for 2011-iChEM
  1. The annual plenary session of academic committee (AC) will be routinely held at the first weekend of December every year, but the date is flexible in accordance with necessarity. The AC has a Secretariat that its responsibility is assumed the role of Administration Office of Executive Committee.
  2. The AC meeting will be chaired by AC director or deputy director authorized by the director, under the principle of democratic centralism.
  3. The AC plenary session must at least have two-thirds of the AC members presented. The AC members may determine the rules of its proceedings and other iChEM related matters by a vote of at least two thirds of the members under a secret ballot system.
  4. The AC must establish a meeting record system to record the following event: date, location, number of members presented, list of members absent, topics, consultant review comments, review results or summarized comments, host signature and so on. The meeting record and related materials are reserved and archived by the Secretariat.
  5. The AC members shall not normally be absent. If unable to attend, the members must ask the Secretariat for leave.
  6. Any decision made by the AC may be asked for reconsideration during the objection period with the concurrence of half of the members. For those reconsidered decisions, reconsideration will not be accepted.
  7. The AC may determine to remove academic duties of its members for serious violation of academic ethics or AC regulations by a vote of the AC plenary members.
  8. The AC members shall be avoided if the AC is discussing, evaluating and reviewing of matters related to the members or their relatives. Number of avoided members shall be subtracted from the denominator for calculation of statistical voting result.
  9. The AC members shall strictly follow confidentiality laws for the meeting; the AC members are not allowed to let any meeting discussion and decision out under any circumstances.
  10. In cases where urgent matters to be put to the vote, the AC director may decide to vote for communication.

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