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Responsibilities of Office of Technical Support

The Office of Technical Support is majorly responsible for providing technical support for software or hardware problems, and also ensuring the normal operation of the facilities in the Center. Its responsibility is as the follows:

  1. Provide high standard service for instrumental sharing among the three universities, including the training of how to use testing and analytical instruments.
  2. Establish electrical, glass blowing and machine workshop, and assist with research and development of new instruments and accessories.
  3. Technical support for software and hardware of facility, and ensure the normal operation of equipment and maintenance, repairing and training, construction and maintenance of video conferencing systems, networks, and websites.
  4. Assist with the research teams to implement the procurement of equipment, office supplies, and experimental reagents and other supplies related substances, including the workflow of researching, demonstrating and bargaining for the large equipment.
  5. Assist with Office of Human Resources to hire and train technicians and engineers.
  6. Assist with administrative office for designing and construction of the laboratories, especially for professional designing and construction of public research platforms.

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