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Responsibilities of Office of Administration

The main function of the Office of Administration is to organize and coordinate the relationship among the members in the Center, manage and supervise the members for implementation of administrative services, and further rationalize the co-operation mode of three universities. Thus the scientists could be freed from tedious daily matters. The responsibility of it is as the follows:

  1. Assist with formulation of the developmental plan for the Center, and also the establishment of the rules and regulations for the responsibility of each division within the three universities.
  2. Supervise the implementation of services and tasks, and the timely feedback for any major decision, conference agreement and other important events.
  3. Arrange and set up routine work meeting, and assist with the organization of various important conference and academic activities.
  4. Assist with the coordination and communication among all the related collaborative units and the council of the Center.
  5. Assist with necessary formalities for our members to go abroad, and arrange reception for visiting scholars home or abroad.
  6. Assist with Chinese-English interpretation and revision, and paper submission in the Center.
  7. Assist with application of important research projects and related work.
  8. Assist with financing, daily financial management, and arrangement of research funding for each department and research division.
  9. Manage the space for laboratories and offices and ensure the space be in good use.
  10. Arrange for the construction of new building in our Center.

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