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Responsibilities of Office of Human Resources

The main function of the Office of Human Resources is to establish of a sound scientific human resources system, realize effective enhancement and rational allocation of the talents in the Center, and provide plenty of excellent talents and create scientific talent regime for the Center, on the basis of the overall development strategy of the Center. Its responsibility is as the follows:

  1. Assist with strategic planning for the development of human resources; responsible for drafting and revising the policy for all categories of personnel recruitment and personnel appraisal system, including research divisions, administrative and technical support teams, and iChEM fellows.
  2. Responsible for staff recruiting, interviewing, employment and assessment.
  3. Responsible for information collection, collation and summarizing, and establishment of human resources database, in cooperation with the Office of Information Resources Management.
  4. Responsible for the enrollment, training and Degree-granting of Ph.D students.
  5. Assist with the development of innovative undergraduate teaching system and student training program.
  6. Responsible for recruiting and organizing personnel to establish an English editing group for the assistance with English proofreading and editing of the scientific English papers for the researchers.

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