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Responsibilities of Office of Information Resources Management

Based on the developmental strategy of the Center, the Office of Information Resources Management is majorly responsible for organizing and collecting the relevant international research information and having them shared by the three universities and other related institutions or universities. Its responsibility is as the follows:

  1. Collect and arrange all kinds of academic research information in order to have our research teams informed of updated research information.
  2. Collect and arrange the information about mechanism, compensation system and management of related institutes and universities from abroad, and also provide references and suggestions for management of the Center.
  3. Investigate the mechanism for how to improve productivity of the young scientists, reference to the mechanism in USA, Europe, Japan and Singapore.
  4. Collect and update the latest information about academic or scholar’s activities in energy chemistry and materials chemistry. Thus these can be used as key reference for our international collaborations.
  5. Collect any information for young talents home or abroad and create talent database, working together with the Office of Human Resources, in order to hire more talented iChEM fellows at present or in future.
  6. Establish the mechanism for announcement of our research and administration activities, and research highlight and trend home or abroad related to our Center periodically, through the way of Newsletter to ensure all kinds of coming-and-going information recorded timely.
  7. Build up website for the Center, working together with the Offices of Technical Support and Human Resources, and update and implement the database for all the members of the Center timely.
  8. Create scientific and technological files, and investigate all kinds of information needed for the scientists to apply for national/international projects.

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