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ISECM 2017 & ACS Publications Symposium held successfully in Dalian

On Sept. 24 to 26, the Third International Symposium on Energy Chemistry and Materials (ISECM 2017) & ACS Publications Symposium” was successfully held in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Dalian, China. The three-day event with the theme of “Innovation in Energy Conversion – A Physical Chemistry Perspective” has attracted more than 400 delegates to attend including renowned scientists from different countries.

At the opening ceremony Prof. Zhongming Liu, the Director of DICP, has made welcome address on behalf of DICP and iChEM, and expressed sincere thanks to the organizing committee of this symposium and warm welcome to all the scientists and researchers from all over the world. Prof. Liu emphasized that energy research played an important role in global sustainable development and hoped this Symposium will provide an exchange and cooperation platform for all participants, and finally wish the Symposium a complete success. Mr. Thomas Connelly as Executive Director of ACS also expressed welcome to all the experts and scholars who come to participate this Symposium, he said that ACS always work hard at promoting the exchange and cooperation in scientific research and he congratulated a great success to this Symposium.

This Symposium tailored to the theme of innovation in energy storage focuses on five topics, surface catalysis in energy conversion, solar cells, solar fuels and energy storage, photocatalytic processes, dynamics on surfaces and interfaces, and advanced energy materials, for communicating cutting edge chemistry and connecting top researchers around the globe. Prof. Yi Xie from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Prof. Kirk Schanze from University of Texas at San Antonio, Prof. Prashant Kamat from University of Norte Dame, Prof. George C. Schatz from Northwestern University, and Prof. Emily Carter from Princeton University have been invited to make keynote speeches, and some other renowned scientists totally twenty experts from all over the world have also been invited to deliver wonderful speeches. And Vice Director from DICP Prof. Rui Cai has been invited to make a special report on the current energy situation of China and the practice and development in energy research made by Chinese research institutes. Besides, there are also sixteen oral presentations has been made; sixty three posters, and seven posters among them have been awarded for Poster Prize.

This Symposium has provided a platform for the experts and scholars in energy related research to exchange and also gives them the opportunity to present their own research advances. Besides, this Symposium is also important for solving the future energy problems and related environmental problems, and we hope it will promote both basic research and application of energy and the development of clean energy.

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